The beginning of all things seems to always be of importance. When did you get born, where, to whom.
It goes even further back from that. Where are you from?
We are gathering all this information through out our lives either as straight answers to straight questions, or most of the time as small passing comments of intoxicated relatives in different formal and informal functions. The main source would be one’s parents or older siblings or maybe an older cousin.
We draw associations and give ourselves a pre-determined track that we then force ourselves to walk on.
It is just difficult to squeeze your spirit onto that track that your surroundings and your brain muscle lay for you with love, guilt and expectations.
You can push it a step further and get a criminal response.
So what is it?
Either way we can be part of a whole and adjust.
They followed the road. She stopped the car, they both got out and started walking. About ten minutes later he was bored and started to jump on and off the pavement curb.
He felt often forced to transform a mundane landscape into a space that he found more interesting. It was not for him, it was mostly for the people around him.
It slowly started to rain. It was almost dark. The pavement abruptly stopped. It was a dropped curb. He looked to his right to justify the change in his step. The house did not have a car in its drive way. He slowed his pace. She walked in front of him. She blocked his way by positioning herself in his path, he could now see her under the rain.
Their conversation was brief, I was too far to be able to make the words. They saw me and I had no choice but to greet them. I am sporadically rude.
We crossed the road together and rang the door bell.
Throughout dinner I was only thinking what did they said to each other, across the road on the pavement.
'under the rain' (2014)
sporadically rude
'sporadically rude' (2014)
pre determined
'pre determined' (2014)